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Buy TV+TDT/TNT/DTT - MD0283E remote control for TV

TV+TDT/TNT/DTT universal remote control

Code: TV+TDT/TNT/DTT (MD0283E)

No longer available

Product description

Controls 2 devices: TV and DTT receiver.

4 operations modes: Set-up mode, Manual search mode, Auto search mode and Display mode.

Back-up memory to keep the set-up data.

LED flash to indicate when there is transmission.

Set-up indicating LED.

Teletext function.

Volume and Mute lock function.

Device lock function.

The universal TV+TDT/TNT/DTT remote control is currently unavailable.

A universal remote control is the kind of remote that can do the main functions of the original one, however, there can be some missing functions.

Comercial name: TV+TDT/TNT/DTT

Reference: MD0283E

Catalogue number: 77970

This remote control can also be found by the following names: TV+TDTTNTDTT

This remote control operates: TV

Batteries required: 2 x AAA (LR03) 1.5V