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Terms of purchase

1. Incorrect or missing delivery information

When the delivery address given by the buyier is not correct or with missing information, and in case there is any additional delivery cost due to the return of the parcel by the courier, the client will be charged the total amount of the delivery costs.

2. Prices

The correct prices of the sales are those mentioned in the accepted orders. The applicable prices are those in vigour on the moment of purchase.

3. Delivery time

We will try to ensure that any breaks in stock are exceptions, however, as we are dependent on our suppliers, our delivery times may vary.

The times we show on our website are only an indication and delays do not give the right to refuse the merchandise to the buyer.

When the delivery time of a remote control may be different due to difference in stock, this does not afford the right to cancel the order.

4. Shipping

Shipping costs are always charged to the buyer.

Postal code


VAT may be added to the delivery costs in some countries.

The goods always travel at the buyer's risk, in cases when, due to the absence of the buyer at the delivery place specified during the buying process, a second delivery attempt could incur additional costs. These costs will be charged to the client.

Any reservations should be made to the courier by the addressee when they receive the parcel, in particular if:

The reservations made on the delivery note give the right to claim for damages from the courier during a maximum of 24 hours. After this time, all rights to claim from the courier are lost.

The company reserves the right to send the orders with the couriers that they deem adequate.

5. Accepting orders

All orders fully assume the acceptance of our terms of purchase, irrespective of any stipulations that could appear in

the conditions of purchase of the clients.

6. Delivery

For articles that are not in stock, the delivery time will appear as an estimated time in our online shop; this time could vary.

7. Returns

Returns will not be accepted on those products which are not in stock at the time of their purchase and which have, therefore, been ordered especially from the supplier for the client. Returns will not be accepted once 14 days have passed since the reception of the material bought, nor without previous agreement on our part.

We will not accept returns on universal remote controls; the buyer assumes the risk that the remote may not work with their model of machine.

In no circumstances will the delivery costs be refunded, nor will the costs be refunded if the cash on delivery method of payment was chosen. To make a return, this must be requested by email, and the returned order must be accompanied by the RMA code that the company will provide to the client when you request a refund. Once the return from the client has been accepted, they have 14 days to ensure that the article reaches us; once this period has passed, the article will be refused. All returns must be accompanied by the invoice, if this is not the case, the return will not be accepted and the article will be resent to the client. The article must be in perfect condition, without having been used and with the original packaging in perfect condition.

8. Payment

There are two diferent forms of payment: by PayPal and by credit / debit card.

9. Promotions

Any remote controls or products that are sent to the buyer as a promotion at no cost to the buyer will be exempt from any guarantee. The buyer has no right of claim over these articles in the case that they do not fulfil the product specifications.

10. Confidentiality

The information necessary for the efficient running of the process are recorded and all personal information is completely confidential.

11. Guarantee

The guarantee for remote controls only covers factory defects and will be for two years.

The guarantee is invalid if the remote control has been damaged by dropping, damaged by liquids, shows any signs of wear, has any slight damage to the body of the remote or if it appears to have been tampered with or used.

The guarantee begins on the date of dispatch and is limited exclusively to repair of the remote control or its substitution by one the same or some equivalent remote. The delivery charges of the remote when using the guarantee will be paid by the client and the return of the remote to the client will be paid by the us.

12. Replacement remote controls

Replacement remotes are remotes that perform each and every function of the original remote although it may have a different combination of buttons than the original remote. They are ready for use.

They do not need to be programmed, nor do you have to put any codes manually. In those cases when an original remote can be used with various devices of the same brand, only the functions of the main remote are guaranteed.

The main remote control is that which controls the functions of the device it came with at the time of purchase.

13. Original remote controls

In cases when the remote has been de-catalogued, an equivalent remote control, made by the same company, will be sent.
All brand name products are originals independent of the company brand stamp they carry and they are all new products.